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Philip Muravyov

Cigna Login

As of June 23rd, 2021 COBRA members will need to register for the new member portal. Please select Register New User to continue. If you have already recently registered with the new portal please login using the COBRA login option below

cigna login

How two-step authentication works. When a user logs in to with his or her username and password, a security code will be sent to the email address listed for the user in Settings & Preferences. Once the user enters the security code on the login screen, he or she will gain access to the website.

You may have seen recent news coverage of customers of financial services companies falling victim to social engineering scams. Scammers impersonate a trusted company to convince their targets into revealing or handing over sensitive information such as insurance, banking or login credentials. This scamming can happen via text, email or websites set up to look like the trusted company.

Once you have registered to the Cigna member pages (, you can access the claim form section through this weblink: This secure webspage will guide you through the claiming process.

Acceptance of the general conditions The use of the sites and / or (hereinafter, also the" Sites ") are subject to these Legal Warnings and Conditions General of Use. The user of and / or (hereinafter, the "User") fully and unreservedly accepts all Legal Warnings and General Conditions of Use in force at the time of accessing the Sites, so it is recommended that you read them carefully each time the User accesses them. Likewise, the User agrees to use the Sites in accordance with these General Conditions of Use, the law, morality and generally accepted customary rules.

Cigna is a service mark of Cigna Corporation, for which its affiliates are licensed to use. Cigna Corporation is a holding company and not an insurance company or operating company. Therefore, both Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by affiliates and not by Cigna Corporation. The name "Cigna" can refer to either Cigna Corporation and / or one or more of its subsidiaries, but when used in connection with the offer or provision of a product or service, it always refers to an affiliate. Product descriptions (not available in all countries) The product descriptions that, if applicable, and /or may provide,do not constitute sales offers in relation to any product or service. Some products are not available in all countries. Those interested in a specific product should contact the indicated Cigna affiliate to find out if the product is available in their country and request a copy of the policy in question or a prospectus containing the full description of the product.

During your visit to and/or, you may leave the Sites and enter other non-Cigna sites. Cigna does not review or control the content or accuracy of such sites and is not responsible for their content or accuracy. Access to non-Cigna sites is done at the User's own risk and expense.

Likewise, the existence of links to and / or from other websites does not necessarily imply the existence of relationships between Cigna and the owner of the site or of the website where the link has been established, nor the review or acceptance of its contents and materials by Cigna. Other Internet sites could contain unedited, sexually explicit, violent, racist or other material that could be offensive to the User. The User must decide under their sole responsibility if they access other websites.

Cigna does not control or provide any type of express or implied guarantee with regard to the material that includes a link to other sites nor the content found on the sites accessed through links located on this Site; for this reason, Cigna is not responsible for said materials and content, the User having to decide on their own responsibility the convenience of its use. Due to the nature of the Internet, Cigna does not guarantee that access to and/or or any of its pages will be achieved without interruptions or errors. Cigna does not guarantee the usefulness or expected results of the material contained in and/or

The sites and use cookies for security reasons. Cigna also uses Google Analytics to record user visits. This analysis tool helps us to know the activity on our web pages and allows us to improve the user experience. and/or may contain references to various trademarks or service marks and other intellectual or industrial property rights that, registered or not, belong to their respective owners. Except for Cigna, A Business of Caring, Cigna and Tree Logo and other trade or service marks and intellectual or industrial property rights owned by Cigna Corporation or its affiliates, Cigna is not responsible for, nor does it offer any assurance as to the ownership of trademarks or service marks or other industrial or intellectual property rights referred to or related to this Site, or its owners, products or services.

By accessing and/or, the User exempts Cigna from liability, in any case and under any circumstances, for damages of any kind arising from the use of these Sites or of information, goods or services obtained from them, including direct and indirect damages (even if Cigna has been advised of the possibility of such damages).

Cigna reserves the right to introduce modifications in cigna .es and / or and in its Legal Warnings and General Conditions of Use. We recommend that you periodically check the updates and modifications that are introduced in the websites and in these Conditions. Access to and / or continued use of and / or constitutes an acceptance of these Legal Warnings and General Conditions of Use and of its modifications and, in particular, these rules for the notification of modifications. The use of and / or and the acquisition of products and / or services from and / or will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. 041b061a72


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