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Who are we?

We're experts in teaching German as a Foreign Language. 

Wize-Education was founded to provide high quality and individual Tutoring Service.

We're a team of professional language teachers dedicated to provide a modern service which is 100% adapted to your individual wishes and needs.

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Wize-Education is your partner on your way to the next level. All lessons are led by our experienced and friendly tutors. Our goal is your success!

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Welcome to Wize-Education!


Nice to meet you! My name is Christian Heller and I’m the founder of Wize Education and German teacher since 2011.

First I worked in the Public School System in Germany and since a few years I'm working in a German Private School abroad. Due to my work I became a specialist in teaching German as a Foreign Language.

I enjoy working with students from all over the world on their German skills. I prepared many of them for different certifications from the Goethe Institute.


I enjoy learning, speaking and teaching different languages. I truely believe that every language we speak opens new opportunities and changes the way how we see the world. Every language lesson is also a lesson in culture and tolerance as we not only learn to comunicate but also to understand!

As a professional German teacher I combine expertise with structured lessons and fun! 

"If you talk to a man in a language that he understands, that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language,

that goes to his heart!"

- Nelson Mandela


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Working experience

  • Teacher for German as a Foreign Language

  • German Teacher@ Public School System Germany

  • German Teacher@ German Private School

  • Preparation Courses for Goethe Certfications 

  • Experience as Examiner for Goethe Certifications


We speak


Bachelor's Degree in Education

Sept 2006 - Jul 2010

1. Staatsexamen

Lehramt an Grund-, Haupt- und Werkrealschulen

Master's Degree in Education

Feb 2011 - Jul 2012

2. Staatsexamen für das Lehramt an Grund-, Haupt- und Werkrealschulen

Certification DSD Gold

Examiner DSD I   (A2/B1)

Examiner DSD II  (B2/C1)

Chair of examinations DSD I (A2/B1)

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