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Here you can find

addtional materials to practice your

language skills!

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Deutsche Welle

The video topics of Deutsche Welle are particularly suitable for training visual and aural comprehension. The videos are between 3 - 5 minutes short and deal with current topics. Each video is accompanied by comprehension tasks, a list of vocabulary words, and the text for reference.

Nicos Weg (A1)

This movie is designed for beginners. Acompany Nico exploring Germany and practice your new German skills.

More Videos

Find a collection of useful videos and movies!  

Reading Corner

Top 3 Benefits from Reading for Language Learning:

1. Improving Vocabulary 

2. Improving Writing Skills

3. Improving of Structures

There are many benefits of Reading in language learning. 

Grammar Corner

Practice your grammar skills with these interactive exercises.

Download our favorite grammar overviews!

Don't Miss Out And Learn From Everywhere!




We speak

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Special dialects of German: Switzerland & Austria

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger
Image by Dominik Kollau


Dialects of German: Switzerland & Austria

Swiss-German I

Swiss-German II

Swiss-German III

Switzerland I

Switzerland II

Switzerland III

Audios Swiss-German I

Audios Swiss-German II

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