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...are a great way to improve your overall language skills. Apart from learning new words you will learn grammar structures and pronunciation without realizing it. Use subtitles for more complicated movies & series!

A1 - Alphabet & Phonetics

Learn how to pronounce the letters of the German Alphabet.

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A1 - Nicos Weg

This movie is designed for beginners. Acompany Nico exploring Germany and practice your new German skills.

A1 - Nicos Weg (Part 1)

A2 - Nicos Weg (Part 2)

B1 - Nicos Weg (Part 3)

A2 - Das Deutschlandlabor (DW)

Learn more about Germany. Whats typical German?! In these short clips you can find out a lot about Germany and its inhabitants. Let's talk about stereotypes and see if they really drink that much beer?!

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B1 - Jojo sucht das Glück

This movie is designed for intermediates. Jojo is a Brasilian woman arriving in the city of Cologne to start a new chapter of her life.

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B2 - Deutsche Welle

The video topics of Deutsche Welle are particularly suitable for training visual and aural comprehension. The videos are between 3 - 5 minutes short and deal with current topics. Each video is accompanied by comprehension tasks, a list of vocabulary words, and the text for reference.

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