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Philip Muravyov
Philip Muravyov

Igcse Economics Susan Grant Pdf 56

the book is a good summary of the knowledge within the syllabus. the book is comprehensive enough for a 5am start. the thing that i did not like was that you have to buy the book from amazon after paying for the course book to access the additional questions that are in the book.

Igcse Economics Susan Grant Pdf 56

however there is an issue with amazon kindle unlimited on the older versions of the kindle. if you try to download the book to the kindle, it will read like a html file rather than a book. you will need to convert the book into a mobi format. the easiest way to do this is to go into the kindle store, find the book and then click on 'download kindle file'. then you will need to transfer that file to your kindle after downloading it.

compared to previous gcse economics books, this one is much better. it follows the most up-to-date and best practices and therefore is more useful than previous books. it is also more lively and entertaining. i love the way it's presented, that is, flash cards are used to reinforce the keynotes for the concepts. this book is a must-have for anyone going for a good grade in economics.

what i liked most about this book is the study material and presentation of the concepts. it is clear and concise, allowing students to digest the concepts easily and effectively. the style of presentation is also useful in that it helps students understand economics in an easy to understand manner.

cambridge university press all sellers if you are studying gcse economics and are looking for a different format to your other gcse books, you won't find another one like this one. it builds on the methods and techniques your lecturers have been using for years so gives you the most practical solutions to the problems you will encounter in exams.


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