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Philip Muravyov
Philip Muravyov

7 Weeks To Getting Ripped The Ultimate Weight-F...

One drawback of a high-protein diet is that it makes it harder to compose tasty meals. More calories from protein mean less from fat and carbohydrates, and fat- and carbohydrate-rich foods often taste the best. But hey, no one said getting ripped will include five-star meals. Hopefully, keeping or even gaining muscle mass while losing fat makes the sacrifices your taste buds have to endure worth it.

7 Weeks to Getting Ripped The Ultimate Weight-F...

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Dumbbells)Fire up your metabolism with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout. Lose big with my fierce formula that adds strength and ab moves to dynamic cardio for increased fat loss. This 40-minute circuit workout blasts your heart rate with challenging intervals to turn up the burn and peel off the pounds. Whether you're just getting started or ready for a hardcore workout, this program will ignite your metabolism and incinerate fat to reveal a ripped, lean body!

Our 6 week cut program utilizes a carb cycling diet and meal plan along with a hardcore training program that will help get those strong enough to survive it, chiseled, ripped, and shredded in only 6 weeks time.

The Holidays are over, the winter bulk is coming to an end, and summer is now just a few months away. Getting ripped and shredded, getting huge, or just getting in shape is usually one of the top three New Years resolutions for most people, but this does not only apply to people who have never stepped foot inside a gym or dieted. Even lifters who have been working out for several years aim to put on a few extra pounds of muscle mass or trim down their body fat percentage every year. A training program or workout plan is something everyone can benefit from! 041b061a72


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